Corral Dust *
* "Corral Dust" is cowboy slang for "lies or tall tales"!


"The Things People Say...."

"Saw your performance at the Cochise Cowboy Poet Gathering.
All I could say was WOW! It was a real pleasure to meet
such a gracious lady as well as a great performer."
. . .Laura Madigan
Cincinnati, OH

"Lady, you're a kick in the britches!"
. . . Al Carver
Mesa, CO

"Dee is one of Arizona's truly great cowboy singers and
poets. She has that rare ability to hold
audiences of all ages spellbound with her
animated style of song and poetry;
and, with deep ancestral roots in this state's storied past,
she's truly a daughter of the Arizona soil."
. . . Marshall Trimble
Arizona Honorary State Historian

"Buckshot Dot (Dee Strickland Johnson) was funnier
than mule ears on a dog!"
. . .Cheri Chamberlain, Editor
"Cowboy Up" Western Magazine

"As a fellow performer, I love to watch this gal work.
I always get the distinct feeling that Dee is
living and reliving her life and her passion for
the West as she delivers one of her poems or songs.
Always vibrant! Always fresh!"
. . . Dolan Ellis
Arizona's Official Balladeer

"Your work is a lot of fun! I always enjoy women doing
Cowboy Poetry; you are certainly one of the best.
Your book and tape will be kept with my other treasures."
. . . Michael "Coyote" Schroll
Resident Cowboy Poet
Terry Bison Ranch, Cheyenne, WY

"The entertainment program that Dee presented was
one of the most delightful Friday night experiences in my
life. She truly provided food for the soul."
. . . Ken Price
Arlington, TX

"Whether it's poetry, story telling or music,
this gal's special."
. . . Duke Davis,
Rope Burns Newspaper

"Sit straight in your saddle! Don't hold the reins too loose,
for Dee's cowboy trail has history, laughs and tears, twists
and turns, secrets and surprises, bucking beginnings and
jolting endings -- ride alert!"
. . . Katie Burdette, MC
Desert Scribes Concert
Kingman, AZ

"Dee has been entertaining audiences with her rich voice,
accomplished guitar, and huge repertoire of songs for many
years....As you listen to her work, you'll find a depth that
surpasses words and gets right to the heart..."
. . . Warren Miller,
Sharlot Hall Museum,
Prescott Cowboy Gathering

"A plucky little gal from Mesa Del
Who loves cowboys and words that rhyme
Wrote tales of the range and western campaigns
That were named the best of our time."
. . . Katy Whitehouse,
The Payson Roundup

"Dee Strickland Johnson is quite talented as an illustrator
also. . . many of her drawings brighten the pages of her
book. In "Morning in the High Hills" she ponders, "I just
can't quite seem to fathom -- I just can't help wondering
why I was placed amongst such beauty -- all this solitude
and sky." Having read and enjoyed her poetry, I know
why. She was sent to her beloved American West to sing
its praises and chronicle the life of the folks who ranch,
dance and live there."
. . . Patricia Bamford-Merewether,
Yippy Yi Yea Magazine

"Buckshot Dot (Dee Strickland Johnson) is one of the
finest performers that I've had the pleasure to meet...
She's a hoot! Go see her."
. . .Cheri Chamberlain, Editor
"Cowboy Up" Western Magazine


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