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"First Round Up"
Written and performed by Dee Strickland Johnson
(unless otherwise noted)
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    Table of Contents

    Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy
  1. First Round Up (Poem) Real Audio  Windows Media pistol
  2. Strawberry Roan (Song) Real Audio  Windows Media pistol
       (Words: Curly Fletcher, Music: Fred Howard and Nat Vincent)
  3. At the Dance (Song) Real Audio  Windows Media pistol
  4. Little Joe the Wrangler (Song) Real Audio  Windows Media pistol
       (Words: N. Howard "Jack" Thorp, Music: Will S. Hayes)
  5. Really Rich Rancher and Me (Song) Real Audio  Windows Media pistol
  6. Boston Horse Trader (Song) Real Audio  Windows Media pistol
  7. Billy the Kid (Song) Real Audio  Windows Media pistol
       (Words and Music: Unknown)
  8. Tom's Truck (Song) Real Audio  Windows Media pistol
  9. Snag Tooth Sal (Song) Real Audio  Windows Media pistol
       (Words: Lowell O. Reese, Music: Frank Shay)

    Lookin' Back
  10. Old Chisolm Trail (Song)Real Audio pistol
  11. These Boots Ain't Made for Walkin' (Poem)Real Audio pistol
  12. The Secret (Poem) Real Audio pistol
  13. Empty Cot in the Bunkhouse (Song by Gene Autry)Real Audio pistol
  14. My Vanishing Boots and Hat (Poem)Real Audio pistol
  15. The Blind Cowboy (Poem) Real Audio pistol
  16. I'd Like to Be in Texas When They Round Up in the Spring (Song)
    (Words: Carl Copeland, Music: Jack C. Williams)Real Audio pistol
  17. The Passing of a Cowboy (Poem)

  18. End of the Day (Poem)

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