"A Cowboy's Christmas"
© Dee Strickland Johnson 

"A Cowboy's Christmas Eve"
by Dee Strickland Johnson

After the candles are lighted,
After the bells have been rung,
After the story from Luke is read
And the carols have all been sung,

After the flames are extinguished,
Except in the eyes of love,
I ride alone in the desert
And gaze at the stars above.

Those glittering specks celestial
That reflect the glorious light
That God imparts to a cowboy's heart
In the cold calm holy night. . . .

Then the spirit sings in the silence,
A gentle, yet powerful surge
To awe struck shepherds -- and cowhands
And mystery and miracles merge.

  . . .from "A Cowboy's Christmas Eve"
by Dee Strickland Johnson © 1999

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